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GERS VIANDES, our new sector.

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Gers Distribution is launching its new GERS VIANDES chain, offering an ankle operation in partnership with South-West livestock farmers.

Gers Distribution was already selling meat?

Over the past seven years, Gers Distribution has invested in the butcher's meat market by marketing PAD: beef, veal, lamb and pork from all origins.

What's new?

Today, we're launching an ankle business based at the Auch (32) slaughterhouse, exclusively in partnership with breeders in the South-West. More specifically, in the Gers.

The chevillard is a wholesaler authorized to slaughter animals. He then sells the carcass to retail butchers so that they can process the product themselves.

In this way, the butcher buys the carcasses of beef cows and rosé calves directly. The artisan butcher then works his product himself in his store, offering his customers a higher-quality product with unquestionable traceability.

What breeds of cattle do you offer?

We can offer all beef breeds. But we prefer traditional local breeds, notably the Blonde d'Aquitaine. This cattle breed is native to the Occitanie region.

Our selection depends on proposals from our partner breeders. In this way, we broaden our selection to include other breeds such as Black Angus, Salers, Limousine, Charolais, etc...

We also offer rosé farm-raised calves. These are calves raised in the traditional way under the mother, from birth until they leave the farm.

Where is the business based?

GERS VIANDES is based in Auch. This means that our teams are on hand to take delivery, monitor the slaughter process and return the pegs from the breeders to the end customers.

Auch slaughterhouse:

  • Invests regularly to maintain and keep its facilities up to standard: 5M euros invested since 2017.

  • Level 3 (Alim'Confiance rating from 1 to 4, 4 being the best level).

  • Start of work this autumn to improve the "bouverie" and "triperie" areas should enable the abattoir to reach level 4.

What are our commitments to our employees and customers?

Gers Distribution has the advantage of having control over the slaughter chain, so we can guarantee traceability, traditional animal rearing conditions and slaughter conditions.

Through this new chain, we are committed to fair remuneration for our partner breeders and to the quality of the cattle we sell.

What's more, our customers are supported by a competent and passionate sales team.

Are your cattle of superior quality?

The quality of our cattle comes directly from the quality of the farms, but also from the selection work carried out by our meat experts within the company.

In fact, our meat experts can also help our customers to select their cattle directly at specialized competitions. We regularly sell competition cattle from these events.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


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