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One of our products has once again been rewarded at the Concours Général Agricole !

Here is our award-winning product:

  • 🥉 1 bronze medal:

Semi-cooked whole duck foie gras IGP Gers (semi-preserved whole duck foie gras category)

We would like to thank everyone who contributed directly or indirectly to obtaining this medal.

The creation of Canard du Gers

Sons and daughters of farmers in the Gers, the Farbos family has always been sensitive to local products. It is natural that they wanted to offer consumers quality products from certified ducks raised in the Gers.

The origin of ducks

The partnership established with the agricultural cooperative of Vivadour (Gers) allows us to fully manage the production chain of ducks of the Canard du Gers brand. 
All the steps to obtain a Canard du Gers product are carried out in the Gers region.
So from hatchery to feeding, through breeding to product processing, we certify the origin of our products!


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