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discover the recipes for duck and foie gras

Have fun and make the most of your cooking moment, to promote the products of French origin in the Duck cut-out box and its Foie gras !


duck foie gras in a jar

Put 2 tablespoons of Montbazillac in the bottom of each jar. Separate the two lobes.

In a plate, put salt and pepper.

Roll the foie gras in it. Put it in the jars, pressing down well (do not fill the jars to the brim). Wipe around the jars, so that the lid sets during sterilization.

In a sterilizer for jars, or in a casserole, put the jars and cover them with cold water. Heat until boiling. Leave to cook for 30 min. Remove them from the water and wait for them to get cold.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.


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