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Gers viandes visits Bazas

An enriching visit took place on January 26 to Castets and Castillon, accompanied by Mr Roumat, technician for the Terre Sud group, and Mr Clerc, head of the Leclerc Marmande butchery department.

This day was an opportunity to select and purchase the Bazadais fat oxen for the Bazas carnival, which will take place on February 8.

From left to right: Mr Perusin, Gers distribution manager for the Gers Viandes chain / Mr Clerc, Leclerc Marmande butchery department manager / Mr Roumat, Terre Sud group technician / Mr Grigoletto, Castets and Castillon breeder.

The visit provided an opportunity to discuss the situation of Mr Grigoletto and the Bazadaise breed. It also provided an opportunity to discuss the breeder's passion and know-how.

This carnival is a festive day that celebrates a 741-year-old tradition. To highlight the careful breeding of Bazadais cattle and the professions of breeder and butcher.


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