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Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Gers Distribution has been committed to making its actions more responsible in order to limit its environmental impact.

Here are a few examples:

Our recyclable packaging

From September 2023, we will be switching to new, more environmentally-friendly packaging for our Gers and France ranges. Up to 50% less plastic than the old packaging.

Gers Distribution will be offering its customers brand-new packaging by the end of 2023. Our future packaging will be made from :

  • Recycled and recyclable cardboard

  • Recyclable ink

  • Thermo Film recyclable on all our products

  • Carbon-free black dye

Good to know: 100% recyclable Thermo Film is already used on all our products.

In-house recycling

We are committed to recycling our waste

For example, we have several sorting bins placed around the company, enabling us to recycle paper, cardboard and plastic.

Our damaged pallets are also recycled by an external service provider from Toulouse: Burban Palette. Their job is to collect, sort and repair the pallets, giving them a new life in the industrial and logistics sectors.

Energy production and conservation

To create hot water for the sanitary facilities, we have installed a heat recovery system on our refrigeration unit.

The system is simple: cold water circulates through the refrigeration unit's condensers to recover lost heat, which is then reheated and used as sanitary hot water.

At the same time, this cold water cools the refrigeration unit's condensers without consuming additional energy.

For the past two years, we have also been equipped with variable-speed compressors, which enable us to adapt our consumption to our needs and thus consume less.

Finally, with a view to energy self-sufficiency, we decided to equip our buildings with 4,000m² of photovoltaic panels. This initiative has enabled us to create shaded areas for the company parking lot.

Less polluting vehicles

Since May 2023, we have been equipping our commercial fleet with Flexifuel vehicles.

Our sales staff travel the country all year round, it is therefore necessary to equip them with vehicles that consume less polluting fuel.

This fuel is produced from plants. It requires no drilling or extraction of fossil resources like other types of petrol.

This makes it the most environmentally-friendly fuel available today.

It is estimated that this fuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 50% compared with fossil fuels.

No more paper invoices

Like many companies, we've stopped sending out paper invoices. All our invoices are now dematerialized, which has considerably reduced our paper consumption. Nevertheless, dematerializing invoices is not a perfect solution, as digital pollution remains.

We also encourage our employees to avoid unnecessary printing.

As a reminder, the production of an A4 sheet of paper requires 10L of water.

We owe it to ourselves to protect our planet,

because it is the very essence of the fruits of our labor.


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