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Discover our actions to revalorize the Gers duck fat sector.

GERS DISTRIBUTION, a family business that invests in its region!

Located in Nogaro in the Gers and established for more than 28 years in the food sector, we produce and distribute poultry, fatted duck and meat products for mass distribution and catering.

Children and grandchildren of farmers, the members of the company wish to promote the traditions of the region by offering remarkable products.

CANARD DU GERS, products of excellence

This production was born, in 2012, from a merger with FLEURONS de SAMATAN (VIVADOUR), in order to constitute a sector integrating production, slaughtering, transformation and marketing of ducks with foie gras IGP South-West, Gers.

The Canard du Gers brand brings together quality products reflecting the know-how and traditions of the department's producers and breeders.

REVALORIZATION of the Gers Duck sector

Heavily affected by avian flu since 2015, our producers have suffered enormous livestock and financial losses.

“It was our duty to do everything possible to enhance and relaunch the Duck Foie Gras industry in the South West, Gers“ quotes Jean-Jacques FARBOS , president of the company GERS DISTRIBUTION.
“For this, we have chosen to invest in new technologies to offer new, more ecological and modern packaging (significant reduction in plastic compared to the old packaging/reduction label needs / fully recyclable film / direct visibility of product quality)“.


With this new packaging the consumer will be made aware of the history of the brand, the origin of the products as well as the work of the breeders since they will discover all this information at back of the packaging.

“We are counting on the support of our partners and our customers by choosing a Gersois product of distinction; and more particularly with the approach of the end-of-year holidays when the consumption of duck foie gras is increasing “raises awareness Marie-Josée FARBOS, general director within the company.

“We have also set up a brand new website (www.canarddugers. fr) to present the range and the sector. Cooking enthusiasts will even be able to find recipes to enhance our products”
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