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GERS DISTRIBUTION, a family business that invests in its terroir!

Located in Nogaro in the Gers department, we've been in the food business for over 28 years, producing and distributing poultry, duck and meat products for supermarkets and restaurants.

Let's return to our story

It all began with one man, Mr Farbos, father of the founders of Gers Distribution; Marie-Joe, Jean-Jacques, and Jean-Christophe. He was a visionary. He started out as a poultry farmer in the Gers region of France, and later became a sales manager in the poultry industry. Buoyed by his experience and passion for the land, he looked for a way to promote his region's products.

At the time, Mr. Farbos wanted to create a brand that would showcase French poultry and the premium quality of these products. Years later, his family and more specifically his children, sharing his vision, decided to create the brand imagined by their father: “Fine France”.

Much more than a brand, Fine France is the heritage of know-how and a strong identity, handed down from generation to generation.


GERS DISTRIBUTION is proud to announce the launch of its new, modernized corporate identity, reflecting our commitment to innovation and product quality.

Raising consumer AWARENESS

With this modernization of the charter, consumers will be made more aware of the brand's history and the origin of its products.

This is an important step in our journey. We are determined to evolve with our customers' expectations, while remaining true to our values.

Our brand “wishes to convey its authenticity through quality French products, designed to revive memories and create new ones”.

Remembering good food eaten around a table, cooking with a loved one, passing on the taste of our traditions, this is what defines Fine France.

Through this initiative, FINE FRANCE aims to reinforce its visual identity, enabling our customers to instantly recognize our products and our brand.

We are reaffirming our commitment to being a more responsible company by choosing a smaller label, requiring less paper in production..

CP Fine France charter
Download PDF • 6.14MB


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